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I have had the S65 apart more than once and I would like to know what could become an issue with this vanos. It is a incredibly simple and effective setup. I assume there could be the odd issue, but a problem that could resonate to all S65 owners? I don't know about that.. As far as your AA tune being lost to dealer updates. I have delt with this a few times as well and Active is more than helpful with re-flashes.

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I dropped my car off today at the dealer because the warranty runs out next month, I'm extending the warranty with BMW anyways but the guys insisted in redoing the entire car with fresh fluids, new brakes, window seals, new battery, etc mine just hit 36k. They also agreed that it was a good idea to get the extended warranty just in case. Not so much the maintenance because they already know me and I can take care of all the maintenance myself. Now, they mentioned that the M's are starting to come up with vanos issues. I know this was very common in the E36s and even more on the E46s. Has anyone here had any vanos problems? I'm not too concerned since I'm gonna be under extended warranty but I'm just curious.