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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post

I feel like Canon is more doing their own thing than trying to compete head to head with Nikon. The 5D3 isn't really a direct comparison to the D800 even though their prices are similar. They are also expecting to release some megapixel monster that could be a 1D-series camera with a new sensor. This would also not be in the same category as the D800.
The 7D already beats the D800 in pixel density and the 7D MkII will probably blow it away if it gets the new AF system and improved high-ISO performance.

The D800 seems ideal for landscapes and portraits and studio work, where the 5D3 is more of an all around body that's really good at landscapes, portraits and studio work, but also very good for nature, sports and higher ISO. Many thought that the pixel density of the D800 would make it a great wildlife and bird body, but the slower, imprecise AF are two, too big, negatives for those uses.

Still, I think that they do consider those cameras head-to-head competitors when you look at them as general use bodies and exclude special purpose uses. Few are going to change system brands to go from one of these bodies to the other, but the makes want to stack up attributes that make their cameras competitive at each price point and these two are nailing down the $3000-$4000 range.

Here's a killer camera proposal: take the 7D, add the new 61-point AF system, keep the pixel density close to the same, but improve the high-ISO performance close to one stop as they did with the 5D3 and AF at f/8. That'll be a killer bird, wildlife and sport body for under $3,000. Sorry, but the price isn't going to stay at $1,800. I'm betting that the 7D MkII comes in around $2,400, maybe up to $2,800.