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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
The 5D3 is Canon's competitor to Nikon's D800, which does AF to f/8 (I wonder how good it is, since it's doesn't cut the mustard at f/4). I think the 5D3 needs this feature to help justify the price premium over the D800. Also, it's being recognized as a very viable bird and wildlife photography body (with some limitations) but this addition would give it a big boost in that direction.

We'll see, but I think that it'd be a big mistake to not offer it on the 5D3 now that we know that it's not a mechanical limitation for that AF system. Either it'll happen in a matter of weeks, or Canon will hit us on our heads again for being so logical and presumptuous.


I feel like Canon is more doing their own thing than trying to compete head to head with Nikon. The 5D3 isn't really a direct comparison to the D800 even though their prices are similar. They are also expecting to release some megapixel monster that could be a 1D-series camera with a new sensor. This would also not be in the same category as the D800.

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