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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
How the heck did you do that for a brand new 328? That's like $2K under invoice, assuming invoice is 92%. I was quoting Edmunds TMV numbers.
Nice, right?

I had a $1000 Team USA rebate, $750 owner loyalty.

Then this was a car being built for a friend who came to find out it was built without Bluetooth like it was supposed to.

BMW took $750 off the sticker for the blunder.

He bounced from the deal and walked. I called his dealer and said I would take the car for the price he had left negotiations at(they matched BMW's $750 and a bit more).

On top of that BMW called my friend and cut him a $1000 to re-order which he did. He got the exact car over again.

Seeing how BMW NA was quick to make him happy. I sent a letter saying how I was unimpressed with BMW's handling over the Bluetooth fuckup. It was a good letter.

That led to a free $100 BMW Bluetooth speaker system and a month's payment refund of $500.

So all in all, got the car for $38k which makes it feel like a great value. Oh, but it doesn't have Bluetooth. B00-friggin-hoo.

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