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Originally Posted by OLEK135i View Post
If NBC really wants F1 to be a success for them, aka higher ratings, then they need to draw more people into the sport. To do that, they need to do more than just show practice, quali and the race. They need to do at least one piece a week on the drivers and/or teams to get people behind them and actually create fans. To watch F1 just to watch it is boring for the average viewer, to root for someone or some team is exciting. Like it or not, NASCAR does a great job with the "show" of the race, NBC can do its part to help F1 with this.
Didn't (doesn't?) SPEED carry a show called "Inside F1" or similar that did just that? IIRC it was mostly produced by the BMW team, but covered others as well. The had segments on the tracks, cars, drivers, and other misc stuff. I don't recall if it was often shown just before the race or qualifying, or durig weeks when there wasn't a race...