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Originally Posted by demonshin View Post
I just want to share my horrible experience with this vanos issue. I am third owner of '08 E92 M3 with 57k miles (purchased it with 47k). I noticed in BMW repair history that around 13.6k it has a vanos issue on bank 1 and was replaced.

Now at 57k I was driving normally on the freeway and I get message of power reduction, red line dropped to 4k, lucky I was not far from my bmw dealership. Took it in and diagnosed the car and told me bank 2 is having vanos issue. Great! I said, long story short I was out of warranty at 55k (extended 5k because it was a demo car) BMW goodwill this repair as I pointed out how this should not happen and the fact that bank 1 had an issue.

So the repair took couple of days as parts needed to be shipped, I go pick up my car and start it up, sounds great I am happy camper! Then before I put it in 1st gear I see service engine light on, I turn my car off and let them know, they go back and diagnose it and then tell me the other vanos gear on bank 2 is off and most likey needs to be replaced. This time bmw will not goodwill and offer me "bmw warranty pricing" of $1300. This is where I am at now and my car should be done by tomorrow.

Also I was doing some research and people say that when you cold start you hear this rattling sound after you start your car *thread here*

I had that noise with my car when I cold start from 12+ hours of sitting, once I get this vanos replaced I will see if my makes any more rattling sound and confirm if this is true because if it is then its a sign of things to come and it might not be good.
That was my cold start video. I've still got the sound on and off now @ 28k miles. More consistently than not lately.

I've had the car into 2 dealers in an attempt to formally document and diagnose the issue, with the most recent appointment last weekend. 5 cold starts later, including a few with me on site, no grind/rattle sound...

I reported the issue under warranty. Two dealers have record of the issue and my video, and both seem to be confident that if something eventually failed BMW would make a goodwill repair.

Anyways, please report back on if the vanos replacement gets rid of the cold start sound. And if you don't mind, can you PM me the name of the dealer and your SA? There is no service bulletin, or notice about the cold start grind/rattle issue in the BMW service database by the way. They checked for me last weekend. So while it doesn't appear to be an uncommon issue, BMW have apparently not thought enough of it to create some sort of bulletin.

Good luck with your repair.
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