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Here's what the UK Press release says:

I'm not sure what that means. Close to 8:00 or just closer than 8:15, which already an 8:14 would be?

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Hi South:-)
Tks, I went to that dealer in Munchen, what a nice shop
About the the moment I think the most official time is that told by the cheaf of the Motorsport...He said 3,54 (correct?) second faster than the m5. This means something close to 8,09 sec. After this official declaration I have only seen many articles (not only in Italy) saying that the time will be close to 8'....So what to say? This time is psycologically releavant. This could shut up many negative reports. Expecially if obtained with normal tires. I only suggest this...: why they are promoting a big official EVENT on 19-20 on Nurburgring? why to put a so big attention on that circuit? could be that they feel so proud about the results that they were able to obtain on that circuit ?and that they want to make a big event overthere,to better promote the car? Marketing.......... Still a big "Mystery"