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Originally Posted by nmehta211 View Post
Interesting question!
I went from a stock setup to a 18x10 et 25 Apex Arc-8 square setup, however with staggered 265/35/18 F 285/35/18 R Hankook RS-3 tires. Incredible amount of grip at the track, very little wheelspin when laying power down, but I did notice a decent amount of tramlining around poor Manhattan roads.

I was thinking of moving towards a square tire 275/35/18 Michelin PSS tires purely for tire longevity and the 30k mile tread warranty is an added bonus. But it seems that I would have to add a rear 10mm spacer to match the current stance.

Anyone have thoughts on whether it is overkill to have the spacer?
Nice to hear another confirmation of substantially improved track grip!

Good to know that it causes tramlining on the road. I guess that'll just be yet more incentive to keep this set for track-only use and thus justify a more track-oriented tire on said set. Fine by me, I like the look of the 220Ms on the road anyway and have no complaints about how the car handles stock in that environment anyway.

Interesting that you're running staggered tires on square wheels, Apex seems to recommend going staggered on staggered or square on square. As for stance though, if you're interested in going square I'd just see how it looks first without spacers (the pics above should help a bit there) and add spacers later if you feel the need. But judging by the pics, I think not having spacers will look fine, in fact those bulging fronts suggest that the owner's priority for the car is handling rather than just looking good or having big fat rear tires to be a straight-line hero. Good luck though!
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