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Originally Posted by Siciliano611 View Post
So I go grocery shopping at lunch and come out to find this....a half dollar sized dent along the wheel well on the rear 1/4 panel area and a 2 inch deep scratch from i guess whatever car did question to all of you is, what is the cheapest way to get this fixed as I am not interested in a respray of the whole side of the car for this 2 inch scratch...would PDR be able to take care of the dent itself (obviously they couldn't fix the deep scratch)....
Serious question, they have grocery stores in west Antarctica (your location)?

I had a similar damage done to my truck's tailgate from being damaged by a trailer hitch. It cost be about $600.00 for a reputable shop to fill it in and paint. I don't think a pdr + wet sand will get the results you're looking for. Gl