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Originally Posted by Windy City View Post
"Dude" the trans shift speed from gear to gear is not the issue. The trans lags at start from the line like a Allison auto in a semi.
Not having driven a semi before, I'll take your word for it. This doesn't sound like normal operation to me, and I would imagine more DCT users would complain about it. Take it to the dealer, you may have a transmission problem.

the intermittent wiper adjustment is a joke, just like in my 2011 Mini.
Do you not have the rain sensor on your M3? If you do, then the auto wiper function is absolutely great. If you don't, tough luck, you should have found out during the test drive and ordered it.

If I wanted the steering wheel all the way up, I would drive a school bus.
Perhaps you should, I hear they have killer intermittent wipers.

The seat and steering wheel adjustment in the e90 are very good and there's nothing wrong with them. What you mean is that perhaps they simply don't suit your particular body type, or some atypical driving position, because again you seem to be the only one complaining so vehemently about it.

Maybe if more people would give BMW productive, honest, but negative feedback on the things they screwed up, they might have a chance at perfecting it.
Retread your post. You come across as a whiny 10 year old, your criticism is not constructive at all. Why, I'm very surprised BMW hasn't listened to you already...

But the issue with the gauges is inexcusable.
To you. I have absolutely no issue with the gauges, and I'm not saying this just to cross you.

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