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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Re: rubbing, I'm not the only one. Many people I track with rub with that particular size combo. One strange thing, though, is... for me, the rubbing, or the audible indication of rubbing, only happens at one particular track (Auto Club Speedway, a very fast roval).

Re: stock suspension, hah, that's what I told myself a year and a half ago when I started tracking - i.e. that I'd stick to tracking on ZCP suspension and wheels, no track wheels, etc. But, here I am, with 3 sets of wheels, Brembo and JRZ. x)

In my experience, the perceptible difference or improvement in handling gotten from the suspension upgrade was more sedated or subtle than the difference or improvement in handling gotten from the successive tire upgrades I went through (PS/2 > PSS > AD08 > R-S3) and when I went square setup. With tires and square setup, the difference was immediately and substantially noticeable. But, the suspension upgrade for me was not so dramatic. The 5 track days with JRZ so far had been an interestingly subtle yet progressive experience.
Wow, thanks again OC3 for writing all that up!! Glad to know I'm going through these upgrades in basically the correct order. I figured that just as with driver skill improvements, the improvements start in leaps and bounds and then you only get incrementally faster after that. Well, at the very least I know that I can postpone suspension modifications later (at least after the BBK) and still reap noticeable benefits -- not to mention delaying sliding farther down that slippery slope.

As for the rubbing, as long as the car doesn't suddenly destabilize when the tire starts touching the fender liner under heavier load (I'm hoping not), I'm ok with it. At least I'll be able to rotate tires with a square setup to reduce the effects of extra wear on the rubbing tire(s).

Other than that, I've got a question in to APEX about possible issues running 265/35/18s in the back since that's smaller than the stock 18 setup, but hopefully that's a non-issue; I'd still like to have that option available though since most of the tires I'm considering are available EITHER as 265 or 275, not both. I also figure that if I wanted maximum flexibility there, it's better to run a 265 tire on a larger 10" wheel than a 275 on a smaller 9.5" wheel, especially considering the ZCP spec has a 265/35/19 tire on a 10" wheel.

Thanks again for all of the detailed information and all of the pics you posted, it's been very helpful!
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