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Originally Posted by ChinoOrtega View Post
I think the M3 GTS should hit 300, I can tell you I did hit 315km/h on my M3, it was a long dragstrip, and I would have hit 330 or more, because of tune plus other stuff, but it was a good feeling, the car felt so glued to the road, on my e46 M3 at about 260 it would have a sense of floating which was a little scary.
You have to realize our speedometers are very off by those MPH. 315 kph indicated on your speedo was likely more like 270-275 kph.

Sport Auto actually used GPS to verify these...

Plus the M3 GTS has a huge wing on the back which causes a lot of downforce and if they said it didnt and wasnt able to hit 300 kph, it wasnt/didnt. I believe them as they use a scientific approach rather than just what a speedo indicated.