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Yeah, 275 at the front is very streetable.

Re: 10.5" wheels and 275/35/18, I bought'em like that as a set from another forum member. I wasn't particularly looking for 10.5", but once they became available, I thought why not (for eventual 285 and even 295).

Re: rubbing, I'm not the only one. Many people I track with rub with that particular size combo. One strange thing, though, is... for me, the rubbing, or the audible indication of rubbing, only happens at one particular track (Auto Club Speedway, a very fast roval).

Re: stock suspension, hah, that's what I told myself a year and a half ago when I started tracking - i.e. that I'd stick to tracking on ZCP suspension and wheels, no track wheels, etc. But, here I am, with 3 sets of wheels, Brembo and JRZ. x)

Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
... But just out of curiosity, how much have your suspension changes other than front camber improved track handling, and what percentage of the improvements you saw from suspension + tire changes do you think I'd get just adding camber plates and a squared setup with larger rubber?...
This requires an extensive discussions and, even then, I don't know if my experience will be substantially applicable to others.

I will say, in my limited experience and knowledge, tires is first and foremost. The improvement in handling, grip, lap times, etc, is the most dramatic from the tire (well, arguably, from the driver too, but that's a different issue). You start from that (tire) and configure/set the suspension around the tire selection [and, taking into account what condition the tire is in - new? nearly new? already heat-cycled out (in which case, you go to the track to just screw around drifting & burn off the remaining rubber)?].

After the tires, then camber plate. Then, brakes (BBK or at least pads, SS line & fluid). Then, coilover.

In my experience, the perceptible difference or improvement in handling gotten from the suspension upgrade was more sedated or subtle than the difference or improvement in handling gotten from the successive tire upgrades I went through (PS/2 > PSS > AD08 > R-S3) and when I went square setup. With tires and square setup, the difference was immediately and substantially noticeable. But, the suspension upgrade for me was not so dramatic. The 5 track days with JRZ so far had been an interestingly subtle yet progressive experience.
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