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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
I'm in the middle of comparing a A4 to the 328ix and if I wanted just base models with only 4WD and xenons, I can probably get them for:

A4 Quattro: $35K
BMW 328ix: $40K

In my opinion, an A4 is 95% the car of a BMW at 87% of the cost. So it's hard not to look at Audi. Sure, a true enthusiast might detect slight differences but most people are not enthusiasts and likely would not. So BMW is essentially charging an extra $5K simply for its name. That irks me. In a a way, I wish Audi does steal sales from BMW, so then maybe BMW will lower its prices. I've owned both Audi's and VW and an Audi is not a VW in my opinion. You feel the difference in everything from the door slam to the bell tones. The VW screams utlity and the Audi screams class. So yea, I am a fan of Audi's but I'm also a fan of BMW's and can see +/- of both brands.
A big part of what pushed me to Audi is that BMW is losing their BMW-ness. They are going to electric steering (Audi has had it for a while and it is pretty well dialed in) so the steering feel advantage is gone, they went to 'high mileage' narrow run flat tires, which erodes more feel and grip. My S4 (with sport diff, to be fair) does not plow like Audis have historically, it turns in nicely and the grip and balance is very good. I have not had it out on the track yet, but in the spirited driving that I do I am impressed.