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are bmw mechanics mentally disabled? (based on quantity of messed up service threads)

Reading thru this forum and bimmerfest... almost nobody has a positive service experience... everyone gets their car back swirled up, oil overfilled, not proper maintenance performed (no break-in 6mt fluid change) etc;

Last time I checked these techs make pretty good money, what goes on in the world that they cant take their job seriously and do the maintenance correctly?

Now I am sure there are plenty of good techs out there in fact if there are any techs on here they are probably the good ones who take pride in their job because they are dedicated and show interest in what they do (hence being a forum member)

I often work at a buddy's car shop on saturdays (to help out) and never have a problem with anything and im not even a friggen licensed mechanic...

I am petrified of when my M arrives and it is due in for its first service... probably about 2 weeks after I receive it since i drive alot right now