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The article I read said, not only did he supplement his successes but his entire team were all doing the same thing. As someone pointed out if you going to yank his wins who are you going to award them to and are you going to scrutinize them as closely. Maybe they will do like that did to Penn State void all their successes.

I did not and probably will not read the so call report that came out, so I am not sure what exactly they are claiming he and his team did. I did read some time ago about him over oxygenating his bloods and this improved his performance. So now Oxygen is a performance enhancing substance.

Anyway, here is my thought, if he was doing something and know it was a trick/illegal to get the edge on everyone and he knew it was wrong then no one should support him. But if he found a way which gives himself an edge which is only wrong now because everyone else is upset he figured it out first and they do not think it is fair too bad that is life..

For the car nuts, this is no different than when the superbrid came right off the show room floor and was beating ever NASCAR on the tack only to have it disqualify by NASCAR for being too fast. The same goes when Ford T-birds in the 80's were kicking everyone butt so they many ford put a restrictor plate on the carbs to hold back the car to make it a fair race.

Come on people you can not fault someone for figuring out an edge to improve their performance then get upset about it afterward because everyone else did not figure out the same thing.

It is just the sign of the time, another artifact of the cupcake generation, were everyone must win and made to feel good.

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