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Just so everyone is aware, for the E92 pictured we were able to convert the seat to power (forward and back)

Link to the full custom installation:

The seats in the M3 are a whole lot of function in quite a few ways. Our customer knew that he wanted a racing seat but did not want to lose the normal luxury of the BMW factory power seats. Our solution was simple; turn the Recaro Sportster seats into power seats by adding power sliders. In order to do this a set of factory M3 electric seat sliders were sourced in to replace the provided sliders from Recaro. With those off the seat it was time to start building the brackets to attach them to the Recaros. One of the issues that we wanted to make sure to be aware of was height, when building the brackets constant fitting was required to make sure the seat did not rise to high. In the end with the newly built brackets the overall height ended up being just a tad lower than the factory seats and, with the M3 spending time on the track, it allows more head room for a helmet. After the seats were able to be bolted into place the next step was to add a switch to control the movement of the seat. Since we were using factory power sliders it only made since to use factory harnesses as well in order to keep a clean O.E. look. A few other modifications were made during the wiring process in order to deal with an air bag light by transferring the occupancy sensors over to the Recaros. With all the wiring finished the seats were bolted into place, plugged in to the factory connectors and put to work.

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