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Originally Posted by ixm3 View Post
What color is your m3?
Just curious, what was your buddy driving?

Did you see what happened to the pcar? I had heard different things like flat before or after the spin?

In the aftermath of the debris, it was amazing how many people weren't looking down the track/ bulb to avoid the mess.
I guess that's one reason for why we got black flagged.
I was in the IB E90. White E30 with the wing was behind me. 3 P cars came around me after the left hander (7), and I followed them into the lightbulb. The one that lost it was the last of the 3, and they were very close together. I don't know if the spin was the result of the flat or visa versa. They were so close together and he may have needed to lift a little or he may have gone a little too deep into the apex. It could also have been a flat. Whatever the case, he spun to the inside and then came back on track backwards. I was close enough that I drove through the flying dirt and grass. For a moment I couldn't see the car through the cloud of stuff. I was trying to figure which way he was going next and make sure the car behind me was checking up. I straightened out a little so I wouldn't spin while lifting and braking in the apex to avoid hitting him and thankfully he went back to the inside, making it easier to avoid him on the outside.

After it was over, I realized how much instantaneous analysis was required to safely navigate the situation. I give full credit to the CCA HPDE program for giving me the skills and experience to do that. I went into autopilot and knew what I had to watch out for. I felt very calm and controlled. This is always what surprises me most about these situations.

The worst part of this is I thought I had my camera on but it was in the wrong mode, so I only took a snapshot of me in the paddock. What an idiot.
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