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Thanks guys, i'll take a look at the horizon it tonight. In my mind, it doesnt make sens to have a crooked bridge, but i'll try and see the results. I think the wide perspective will be more tolerable then the crooked bridge, but the again, I fear that the waterfall will get crooked also; which may definitely be the "no-go" indicator.

The mountain on the left gets higher and higher so that why i've used a longer focal range. I also have a shot at 24mm maybe i'll host it so you can see what i'm talking about.

Its shot in RAW with proper exposure; then a S curve added in PP. Then I applied the clarity, Vibrance then a bit of Saturation. I like to add some, but just enough so the eye doesnt get sore. Too much can overkill a nice shot.

The only thing that I like to overkill on certain shots, is Clarity, because it can create a special "crisp" feeling to certain shots.
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