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Low Tire Pressure

The other night, I parked the M3 outside instead of in my garage. The temps have been getting a little bit lower at night, but nothing crazy (I think the low was around 44F). That morning, I start the car and get low tire warnings on all four tires. I thought, okay, normal just because it was cold; the error should reset by the afternoon when the temps had risen into the low 70s, and the air inside the tires had heated up. That afternoon, I still had the warning on all 4 tires. Parked the car in the garage last night, and still had the same error again this morning.

Haven't checked the pressure yet (which I know I should have done and will do this afternoon). The tires obviously aren't flatted. I thought I had inflated them properly during the summer, but now I can't remember. Does the psi inside the tires change that drastically from summer/winter? Anyone else experience anything like this? I'm assuming it's just low tire pressures and isn't a real electrical gremlin or anything, but I thought that the afternoon sun would have heated the tires back up to the optimum pressure. Thoughts?