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Originally Posted by Totti
Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
They look like four drain pipes bit like the Subarus. It might sound great but the looks ruin a classy car.
Fair enough. You are entitled to your opinion (Even if it's wrong )

Why do you say the pipes look too big? Have you seen them in person? You're comparing them to a 1er? Little bit of a size difference mate. Look at the classiest pipes of all, Akrapovic, the tips are huge.

The BMW Performance exhaust looks like the car is dragging a scrotum.

Others look like they have been superglued to a 44 gal drum.

The straight through design of pipes to cans is the most logical way to set them out - ok, so seeing the diff cooler might not be so cool but it beats the alternatives.

I'm not calling you out but you should see them in person before judging. I get several comments daily on the pipes and I get noticed in the street far more than I would like.

Would I change anything? No way
So you get comments on ya pipes, you must be thrilled