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Jack Stand blems

The inner and outer tubes on the Torin jack stands are very consistent from one unit to the next. But, the saddles on the top of the inner tube vary somewhat from piece to piece and it's a challenge to drill the hole in the center of the tube. Up until recently I was using drilling fixtures to locate the hole in the saddle. Keeping the fixture aligned with the center of the tube is tedious due to the variations in the saddle length.

Now that the volume of jack stand sales has increased I needed to improve the process of drilling the 10mm hole. I am now drilling the hole using a lathe which guarantees the holes are perfectly centered in the inner tube regardless of minor variations in the shape of the saddle.

I have a few jack stands with less than perfectly centered 10mm holes (made before we were using the lathe to drill the holes). We also have a few jack stands with more than normal scratches in the finish and other minor imperfections. I don't have enough blems to list them as regularly available. However, you are welcome to check with me and if I have any blems I will discount them by $20.