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I once owned an Audi
Bought a brand new A5 when it first came out
Loved the looks (still do)
Loved the interior (still do)
Hated the driving experience
4wd is great.
Zero steering wheel feedback
You'd take the corner, and hope for the best
Manual transmission sucked
3.2l v6 sucked so much, I rarely used any gear higher than 4th if I wanted any kind of acceleration

Sold the car after 6 months
Thankfully I only lost $600 as there was a 3 month waiting list for them at the time
Never again
There are certain things I'm willing to compromise on
Cars aren't one of them
I can't drive a car I don't enjoy driving
The whole commuter car concept is not my thing

One small, and maybe politically incorrect question
What is she doing to cut costs?
Or is the cost cutting only on your side?