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Originally Posted by conradb View Post
You lost faith in BMW now because some thieves exploited a security vulnerability in some software? You may as well just stop using computers all together if that if your stance.

I'm sorry your car got stolen, but just saying "I've lost faith in BMW" is pretty short-sighted and ignorant. Cars get stolen all the time. Do people blame the mfg that the locking mechanism wasn't thief-proof?

Hint: There's no such thing as fool-proof security. Everything is breakable/hackable. It's the central tenet of security.

Further, you're all pissy because a company doesn't want to refund 6-mo left on your lease? If you bought a nice diamond ring on a loan, and a thief stole it, are you honestly going to ask the jeweler/bank to refund your money because someone stole it? The logic here is astounding...
I know I hate to do this but +1
Lost faith in BMW? And going to the C63 is even worse..