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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
Not so fast...

What becomes painfully obvious here, IMHO, is that this specific function (namely pairing a new key to the car) is protected worse than some other "software" functions, like:

- Navigation maps
- Modifying the ECU software
- Navigation functionality in the CIC
- Speech recognition
- VMax un-limiting (M Driver's Package)

All of those are protected using cryptographic functions and are very hard to break (as far as I know, only the first two have been done as of now).

That is how BMW protects things they are interested in, because these features generate revenue - unlike if they protect you car from being stolen, where the opposite is true.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.
Oh please. You swear like this wasn't a highly sophisticated attack utilizing hacked key replacement equipment to begin with. Oh yes, this was a bunch of retarded 18 y/o gang bangers that just busted a window and took off in a car. No.

The car is plenty secure, and BMW has already offered a solution. Shit happens.

Furthermore, even HIGHLY cryptographically encoded data, like the HDMI key signing algorithm, are cracked just as well. I don't care what encryption you have, you won't be safe for too long.

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