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Originally Posted by andrewlef View Post

Audis suck. My parents have had numerous Audis and they invariably have mechanical problems: bad suspension, broken (by me) oil pan, bad transmission, engine issues, quattro issues, etc. Brand new, Audi is generally ok because at least you have the warranty; so, it would be ok to lease if the lease rates and residuals weren't so horrendous. Out of warranty, watch out. Audi transmissions don't last; you can expect to replace the transmission after about 100k miles. Needless to say, that's very costly.

The interiors are also kinda crappy and everything is red; I don't care what anyone else says about them, but I do not like the Audi interior -- BMW is much nicer (so is Lexus, for that matter). I-Drive FTW!
Let me offer a differing opinion. I went from a 540i6 to B6 S4 to E92 M3 (with a few other SUVs, sportscars, trucks in bet). The S4 had hands-down the best interior (two tone Recaros with Alacantara inserts all around), great build-quality, and provided me with 4.5 years of bullet-proof service. (75k logged) It's not the most luxurious, sporty, fastest, practical, but it's one of the best cars I've ever owned as a do-it-all car. (hearing the 40 valve v8 with full exhaust was an other-worldly experience)
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