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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I'm confused. They're all carriers, yet when grandpa gets bit, you hack his leg off the save his life???
Well, yes, they are all carriers, but they will only turn if they die. A bite is different than them just having the virus. A bite kills you, just like you would normally die if you got a serious infection from a scratch or bite from something like a rabie infected animal. The thing is, this particular virus doesnt take over until youre dead.

I know you wont die from rabies, but I hope my point it kinda clear..I know there really isnt a good explantion, but its a comic book/tv show, cant be too realistic, lol.

Rick is thinking that by maybe cutting off the infected part, he can save Hershel. I guess we will have to see. I would imagine as long as Hershel doesnt bleed out and die, he wont turn. For those of us that have read the comic, we should know whats going to those that havent..keep watching!