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Originally Posted by kardboard View Post
This is exactly what I was told when I bought my 2010 135i by my sales rep. He told me, if I remember correctly, that the two keys I received were the only two keys that would start the car. If I happened to lose both keys, they would have to replace the ECU (I assume) and would cost an arm and a leg.

Any truth to this? I bought my car new in January of 2010 from a BMW dealership.
Noop! The way I understand it... all BMW's can "learn" up to TEN key fobs from the factory. IF you loose a key fob... your dealer just add's another new key fob into the car's "directory".

What I was told is that the dealer or a knowledgeable "car coder" can "lock" the DME to just the current two key fobs. Then IF someone tries to clone a new key fob into the car's DME the car will not except the new fob - and the car can not be stolen that way.

As far as I know... BMW's SW update "patch" is ONLY for UK cars. I hope they roll it out to every bmw market though.