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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Your thinking is logical but not accurate.

When I placed my order with Military Sales I was told that BMW was limiting release numbers world wide, much the same way BMW did with the M5. In fact most M3's released in 08 are probably already sold. Meaning, that unless you are #1 or #2 on your dealers waiting list then you probably are not getting an M3 in 08. I dont think BMW is delaying at all. I think we havnt heard US pricing because we are going to be one of the last countries to get the car. I would expect to see US pricing just before the Frankfurt show if not right after. BMW probably wants to release the price for their biggest market with the actual release of the car. Plus, I dont agree that the M3 is going to be priced over 60K. Makes no sense for this car to have a premium like that over the 335i. Just my assumption though. Also, Military Sales quoted me 50K base (which is supposed to be about 10% off of MSRP) which makes the US price somehwere around 55-57K. Military Sales sounds confident in their estimate. I guess we will see though.

Yeah, Ive been quoted the same through pentagon car sales. I'm not so sure though...

If you look at the price increase of a 550 to an M5, then a 20k jump on a 335's price is a likely possibility... unless they make everything an option on the car...

Look at the price of its direct competitior, the RS4. At 66k, it comes heavily optioned. I can't see BMW, which is historically more expensive than Audis to come in 10k under a car that it's better than... unless it comes BONE stock. In that case, any options are going to quickly jump this cars price up near the RS4's.

I REALLY hope Im wrong