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^ Awesome, thanks so much David! I'm definitely looking for a squared setup to reduce understeer on the track -- I didn't realize the front could handle a 10" wheel with 275 tires and no modifications and still not rub, that's fantastic! That makes me wonder why so many people seem to run 265/35/18 all around at the track, though, since the cost difference doesn't seem very much and the number of tire choices between the two sizes seems to be fairly similar as well -- would the added size and weight of the 275s upfront negatively affect the steering feel, perhaps?

Thanks again, I think a set of these along with camber plates is definitely going to be my next mod!

EDIT: I see the 10-inch wheel listed here as an M3 Fitment, but it's not listed as a possibility on the E9x M3 results page on your website (same link as I posted earlier regarding the offset glitch). Is that a listing error or is the EC-7 18x10 ET25 not usable in a square setup on a stock E92 M3? Also, would you recommend using the ET25 18x10" wheel on all 4 corners to maintain the stock relative track width (or near as possible), or would it be best to use a different offset front to back?
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