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Originally Posted by 604 View Post
So... would you?

The Lexus has been on my mind for a while now. I have never been a fan of Japanese vehicles but this one gets me, can't get it off my mind for some reason. Everyone thinks I'm crazy.

I wanted more torque plus I wanna try out a 4-door for a change.

The thought of how it will never break down gets me too. Are these cars really that reliable? My first beamer needed a new tranny when it had just gotten out of warranty. It cost me around 6k.

I was just curious what other M owners would say.

Not too crazy about the IS-F but if you're looking for reliability... If its anything like my IS300... you'll drive that thing for ever. I've owned mine for over 8 years, 235k+ miles and I can count the number of issues i've had with 1 hand. If theres one thing Lexus is good at is reliability. Just my experience... subjective nonetheless...