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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
I've now owned both a M3 and a GTR.. and I'm back to a M3.

Frankly, the GTR is a great car but I always had much more fun in my M3 on the track. The m3 has lower limits which are easier to get to and therefore make me a better driver. I think I'm never going away from a M3 again - its the perfect balance of daily drivability, track fun, strong reliability (no blown trannies) and just enough power!

Another weird thing for me was.. the day I sold my M3 and got the GTR, I badly missed the M3 (though had tons of fun in the GTR). Recently, the day I sold my GTR.. I didn't miss it at all - not one bit. And I almost cried when I got in my new M3 ... atleast for me, I think I'm a M3 guy inside and out...
You should see a counselor to talk about your problems.

lol jk man. I actually know what you mean. I used to have a track miata and it felt stupid fast. You could get it sideways at 45mph and that was the limit of the car. Went back to the same track with the GT-R and it would stick the same turn at Fontana at 70mph. Not sure I feel comfortable with it sideways at 100 mph. The GT-R is so stupid fast I have many times realized that I was doing 160mph where my m3 was doing 120mph. It can be incredibly dangerous for a street car with no cage. Everyone saw what happened to that MP4-12C at Fontana. I picked up an older 911 track car. Completely stripped. Safer too. Much easier to drive the car harder and not be on street tires. I wont be getting rid of my GT-R for a while. Just picked up the 2nd one and in 6 months the 2010 is becoming a track car.

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