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Originally Posted by cstreit911 View Post
Never said that... Someone is cheating in every level of motorsports no doubt. However this conversation was focused on e92motorsports not everyone. NASA officials are satisfied that e92 motorsports is not cheating which is the only reason I spoke up in the first place. Your implication, I felt, was inappropriate considering.

It is evident that despite solid explanations that address each of your points that this will not satisfy you.
All your points had to do with the Nationals and e92motorsports
All my points have to do with what I have seen here on the west coast
We don't have dynos at the track and the podium finishers get weighed = that's it
And you DO see cars pulling away on the straight but nobody says anything.

e92motorsports might be an honest racer that reports honest numbers and has been checked by your superior system... I am not disputing that.
My point is simple... when I see amateur racers post or reveal their numbers, I am sceptical FROM EXPERIENCE.
I'm glad you came in to defend a fellow racer whom you know to be honest.... but don't apply your experience with e92 to reflect the entire amateur racing scene let alone NASA because that is slimply not the case.