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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Gasoline trucks are FAIL. Diesel or go home. They make tons of torque and will yield 30+ mpg on the highway no problem. With a cheap tune you'll hear nasty turbo spool and black smoke people if you want while increasing your gas mileage. Plus, you can even run it on vegetable oil to save money and get even better mileage.
getting a diesel, if your not towing is just plain not smart. The cost of injectors in a duramax alone could have you a rebuilt gasser motor. They may last but theyre expensive when maintaining and fixing. Once you start chipping, you better build the tranny as well. Diesels are a costly big boy toy, for those who are ready to invest...

Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
OP, FWIW consider financing a new truck. I know you said you only want to spend 10k, but consider the option of spending a few hundered bucks a month for a brand new truck, versus plunking down 10k on someones old worn out workhorse with 130k miles. With the used car market at an all time high, I don't understand why people don't take advatage of deals on new cars. Certain MFGs are giving away trucks with rebates and financing deals.

You can use me as an example. I bought a new 2010 Nissan Titan around 3 years ago. I paid around $30k OTD. That was ~$10k off sticker, a deal that you can still get today. Galves says the truck is currently worth $26,500 with 30,000 miles on it. If I were to sell it today I have no doubt I could get $26k for it in a heartbeat. So the truck cost me $4,000 over 3 years if I let go of it tomorrow.

So why spend 10k to drive a used truck, when you can drive a new one for less?
Honestly, I bought my Titan new in 07 for 10k off sticker for 25k and
sold it 1.5 yeas later with 30k mi for 17k. And that took nearly 6 month. the truck was in prisitine condition. While I consider the Titan to be my favorite truck it also holds the worst resale value. So OP, I'd consider an early titan over an f150. They can be had for 7k 04 and 100k mi. Major issues were rear diffs and front brake warpage...plenty of cheap diffs available now and its an easy swap. It's better than dealing with the fords 5.4l stuck sparkplugs and crummy tranny...ask me how I know.

I absolutely hated my 10 tundra with the 5.7l. The frame would bounce on the highway and motor was torqueless. I didnt keep that truck for more than a year.
BTW if your not planning to tow and hauling only small items why not consider an suv, I'd recommend an 05+ xterra, also a great value

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