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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post

He doesn't need a patent. BMS has no right to use his pictures, with or without a patent. If he wants his pictures free to use, he must declare it, which he clearly hasn't.
The patent was more of a general thing than for a $5 clutch stop

I never saw any proof (If listed and I missed it, then my apologies), proving that he took the pictures and they're his property (meaning he didn't take them from someone else)

If all this drama started because of pictures... Then I think it's too much. Then again, I don't care enough about this to read into it, so my opinion isn't the most informed.

Regardless, I don't personally put too much trust in a member with few posts and no feedback. This is a general "rule" I have, as I feel people with more reputation are simply more trustable. This isn't just valid for online forums.

I didn't see any proof that he owns the pictures, or even the eBay store. If proof was presented and I simply missed it, then that's just my ignorance (due to, as I sad previously, because I simply don't care about this enough to really read into it).

At least it seems the pictures (whoever they belong to) showed the products were correctly installed.

Having things improperly installed can really be a hassle in more ways than one from my personal experience.