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Originally Posted by Aries326 View Post
Glad to hear I'm not alone.

Loved it better when I was a med student and dating my wife. Now I make over $300k a year, have a big house, fancy stuff, fancy vacations but life is somewhat empty.

I long for the simpler days. Don't get me wrong. I love my little kids. But I do long the days of going back to a small shitty apartment, drunk and having some wild ass sex...

Breast feeding and co-sleeping ruined it.

Another thing. Studies have shown that men who co-sleep with their children have lower testosterone levels. I can vouch for that. I don't feel the same as I used to or it just may be I'm getting older.
I am in the complete opposite situation. But being allowed to do stuff and you won't actually do any of it.
Playing with my cat feels obligatory as there is no one to play with him, i find it a chore already.
When my brother had a baby I didn't self-satisfy in parrellel for a week! But i could feel the sperm building up ... oh.. i don't know how you guys do it all the time. j/k

Just dream or take occasional breaks, no life is perfect.. there is always good and bad in every situation.

Yeah getting older I have no urge to go out and get some, if I were in my earlier twenties I might.. now I would go out and get coffee.