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Originally Posted by 6MT M3 View Post
I was at UCI extension to pick up my ex once and when I came back this arab fuck was leaning on my car acting like it was his with his group of friends. When I walked up to my car he still acted like it was his. Only when I was at my door and took my keys out and got into my car did he move. I was thinking about flipping shit at him but I didnt want 7-8 arab fucks to go allah akbar on my ass.
As an Arab-American, I must stay this is very, very offensive.

We do not go "Allahu Akbar" on people's asses. That'd be really, really gay. That'd simply mean we were "God is great"-ing on your ass.

Let's get it straight: we'd suicide bomb you.

(yes, I am actually Arab-American, and make terrorist jokes all the time, mostly because I don't really like my race. Yes, I might be a horrible person... but if you question me, I'll mail anthrax to your house!)