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Plasti-dip tips

Just a few tips since this is popular. I did my wheels, it's very easy stuff to work with and pretty worry free, but there are some things to note that I didn't see in other write ups.

1). Patience - if you can take your time your results will be infinitely better.
2). Watch your hands and cans - it's easy to nick the inside in particular because it's just a tight spot. If you do it though, just hit it a few times and move on. You'll never notice it on the inside.
3). Keep the can upright - particularly important on the face, if you don't you can get sputtering and spots where it comes out in larger drops. Depending on which layer you're on, it can be a non-issue, but its best to just avoid it.
4). Don't try to run the cans dry - this is cheap enough as is, don't try to use every ounce in the can. It will start to sputter as it gets empty causing the problem in 3.
5). Clean the nozzle - If you leave the cans for a period of time they can get gummed up. When that happens you will get the sputtering alluded to above. You can just peel it off.
6). Test spray - just spray a newspaper or something to make sure it's even.
7). Using cards to block tires - this was a good idea I saw but I didn't do it. This stuff is really easy to peel off the tires. Still, I would probably suggest it if you have a spare deck.
8). Good lighting - this helps you know when the wheels are completely dry and ready for another coat plus it shows any silver shining through and where you have more or less of a coating.
9). Spray the spokes from behind - particularly if the spokes are close, like on the forged M3 19's, it's difficult to get the spray in between without saturating the front of the wheel. I'd suggest working with the wheel on it's tire and spraying in between the spokes from the back.
10). Some places are difficult to get to, behind the spokes or between the wheel and tire for example. I suggest hitting these parts first because it may take a little more spraying to get in there. If you mess up and over spray and get a run it's easy to correct at the beginning...not so much at the end.

If you haven't done this let me tell you, its very easy, just don't rush. Just treat it like removable spray paint!
Feel free to message me with any questions. Happy dipping!

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