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Xenon OEM D1S Bulbs in Later E92 M3 Production Years--Smaller Pins?

EDIT: After much research, talking to folks, BMW vendors, BMW parts personnel, etc., I've answered my own question. From what I've learned, the OEM D1S standard bulbs are similar in construction, including the pins. Harness connectors have not changed either from what I was told. So that's that.


Do the OEM D1S bulbs in later-production years of the E92 M3 have smaller pins?

Tried switching my 6000K d1s bulbs from my recently departed 2007 E92 335i over to my 2013 E92 M3. Should have been simple. Wasn't.

I couldn't get the M3's braided harness connector to slip into the 6000K bulb. I tried re-fitting the bulb I just took out back into its harness connector and the connector easily slipped back in. Upon inspection, the pins of the M3's OEM 4300K bulb are smaller than the pins in the 6000K bulb. Not wanting to screw things up, I buttoned things back up for another day.

So there appears to be differences in the xenon harness connectors in later production years of the E92 which would suggest all d1s bulbs are not alike, fitment-wise. (Not talking about bulb quality or color.) But, after a pretty good search in these forums, I didn't spot a difference in the E92 xenon harness connectors or the OEM d1s bulbs from year to year. Assuming there is a difference in pin-size, was this a running change or after the LCI perhaps?

Any insight appreciated. TIA.

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