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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Was playing around with MDM mode today in the rain - absolutely LOVE it.

The wet surface really helps in showing how much better it is than the US version.

As an example, pulling out of a parking lot I got on it a bit. Normally when the wheels slip at all it would abruptly close the throttle. But with Euro MDM it held the RPM there and prevented them from rising, and then it let me rip. It sounded really cool too, and no tire noises keep the police away

In the wet you can really feel some wobble action as it lets you step out slightly.

You can just keep the gas planted and it's like the car drives itself through water. Next mod will be driving over water
MDM: Encouraging leadfoot driving habits rather than requiring people to learn actual driving technique.

That's true about MDM in the rain, though. I kept it on at my first track event in the rain and felt like a rockstar because I was passing absolutely everybody and even lapping a few cars. I could feel it making corrections, but I didn't realize how huge the corrections were until I turned everything off and spun it twice in the same lap. Nice slice of humble pie and very instructive. Taught me that I didn't know jack about driving in the rain.

But in all seriousness, I've used Euro MDM happily at the track in the dry and thus far have found that it only intervenes when I've screwed up and am therefore grateful for its corrections. So I've been keeping it on as sort of a teaching tool; if I feel it intervene, I know I need to adjust my technique in that spot. MDM for me has become a way to more safely look for the limits of the car while reducing the risk that I'll have to (literally) pay for exceeding them.

I always keep DSC fully on when I'm on the road though. As I've gone to the track more, I've become less interested in road hooliganry. If you're driving on public roads in a way that trips DSC, you're doing it wrong IMHO.
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