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Cool! These will definitely be the wheels I buy as part of my next round of mods. A few quick questions though. This would be the first time I've bought aftermarket wheels and I'm searching for answers as much as I can (learning a lot too!), but I still haven't found certain answers. Apologies if these questions are rudimentary/constantly asked:

1. I would be running these with Vorshlag camber plates and -2.5 to -3 camber in the front and probably -2 in the back, otherwise completely stock. Of the sizes above listed as "M3 Fitment", what is the largest wheel that would fit in the front and rear wheel wells, and do the camber plates and settings change the answer to this question? I know that fit will also depend on tire size, but for example will some of your wheel sizes not fit in the front or back no matter what tire is used?

2. Looking at acceptable wheel sizes for various tire sizes, it seems that tires that fit a 9.5" wheel also tend to fit a 10.5" wheel, and tires that fit a 10.5" wheel also tend to fit an 11" wheel. What should I take into consideration when deciding which wheel size to use with a given tire size if more than one wheel size will fit the tire and the car's wheel well? I'm assuming it's not aesthetics or widening the vehicle track since the indicated offsets suggest that wider wheels add most of their width on the inside, which would actually narrow the vehicle track.

3. Your website results page for the E9x M3 wheels has a glitch. The 11" wheel's offset is listed on the summary page as ET27, but when you click to that wheel it's listed as ET25, which is what's posted here as well. Page I'm referring to:
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