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I have been a diehard BMW M3 fan for over 9 years. My first M3 was a 2003 E46... I loved this car. Brutal nonstop fun all the time... I then upgraded to the 2010 E92 M3. This cars engine was absolutely amazing and the first thing I noticed was the disconnect from the road. The steering was definitely way different then the E46. I still loved the car. Then at 7000 miles I received the dreaded xmas tree lights and had the first engine failure. Since then the car was never the same... I had nonstop issues and constantly had to record the problems on my phone camera because the dealership could never replicate the problem. I spent 3 years in that car (I purchased the 2010 in 2009) and I finally gave up. I had an opportunity to test drive a 2013 RS5 and I absolutely fell in love. The car looks amazing and definitely has a way different feel then the M3. Yes it is "smoother" in the way it drives then the M3. Meaning you really are disconnected from the road. You can't feel everything like the E46 or the E92, but that doesn't matter. The car instills an amazing amount of confidence when you take a turn. It's truly an indescribable feeling until you drive it. I purchased the RS5 and had the M3 for another 2 weeks and I had the opportunity to go back and forth between the two cars. Those two weeks are gone now and when I see an M3 I sometimes miss my car, but not because of performance or anything else. I just had a connection with that car. I do not regret my decision. Every time I get in the RS5 everything works. I'm not beta testing a $80K car for BMW. HD radio stations just tune in it doesn't take 10 seconds for the signal to acquire. The Nav just works. The Voice Recognition works. The Ipod connector works all the time. When you get back in your car it picks up where you left off... I can go on and on. Anyways since I had two versions of the M I figured I would chime in...

I will probably get flamed for this... oh well.