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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
It was the black sedan that had the vorshlag plates. I saw a blue M3 in the red group but never saw where you parked...was that you?
Ah yes, I remember talking to that person, just didn't notice the plates. I was in Blue Group so that wasn't me; I got moved to Yellow for TWS CCW but had never run CW, and from the experience, Blue was definitely the right place for me my first time in that direction. I was parked just beside the road leading out to the slalom course next to a Boss 302S.

Originally Posted by modernbeat View Post
I can't tell you exactly what camber you will end up with at the extremes of the camber plate, as it always depends on other factors. But on the 1M tester (yes, it's not an M3, but the front suspension is almost identical) we worked with we made no changes to the car except add camber plates and measured a minimum camber of 1.3 and maximum camber of 2.8 degrees. That is a 1.5 degree sweep in the camber plate.

I can make recommendations for alignment, but they are baselines. One of the reasons you use a camber plate (other than more camber) is the ease of adjustability. Depending on the tires you use, the way you drive, the conditions of your bushings and other factors, you might want a little more or little less camber or toe. Experience will tell you how you want the car to feel on the track and street. Do you want it more nervous and quick acting or more stable and slower to react? Learning how to use the adjustability allows you to make changes and fine tune your alignment for your exact situation.
Thanks, that info helps quite a bit! Adjustability is exactly what I'm going for because I want more grip on the track but still would rather not drive a track car on the road. I suspect these plates plus a square setup (which will require a set of dedicated track tires since the front-size 220Ms don't seem to fit 265s very well) will be in my near future. Thanks again!
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