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Originally Posted by JOYRIIDE1113 View Post
For the past 2 months or so I have been taking classes at a MMA (mixed martial arts) school. They offer BJJ (with and without GI), MMA, and Muy Thai. I must say that I took the first class feeling good ( I weighed 225lbs and have always been a gymrat) and left that same day a VERY humble person.

I'm at 215lbs, leaner, and quicker than I was 2 months ago. I have been favoring BJJ with Gi. I will take 2 classes of it twice a week, and if I have time I'll go to one of the No-Gi classes. I have taken a few private elssons, along with attending a few Open Mat sessions on the weekend.

Although I feel I have been progressing, I can't seem to think that I'm learning fast enough.

Yesterday was a bad class (in my mind). During two "6 minute" rolls with other students, I was tapped 5 times. Any attempt at passing guard resulted in a quick submission on my part. There are times that I feel good and confident, and there are times like these that I leave soo angry I cannot get the thought out of my head.

Any tips, ideas, motivational strategies any of you fellow fighters can offer? Doesn't neccesarily have to apply to MMA.
yes, quite MMA right away and start with a traditional art or Krav Maga. MMA is a mix of arts where you do not master any of them. Keep Jeet Kune Do's philosophy (not the commercialized art, but Lee's philosophy) in your mind when you practice anything. Stick to it, and do not quit. it will pay off at the end