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Originally Posted by Caspita View Post
Some pretty impressive photography on that site.

It is all relative at the end of the day. I've priced out how much it would cost me to jump ship and switch to Nikon and that would be some 8-9k. I would still be able to justify that cost quicker then I would jumping into the MF world.

High quality is a must in the commercial world, you hold your own work to the highest standards as due your clients. Depending on the output of the image, even detail shots of products as you've mentioned, your gains would be minimal. The difference in quality becomes apparent when zoomed in at 100%+, it would never be apparent for web or even printing at certain sizes.

The main reason I wanted to make the jump is because I am constantly printing HUGE for clients, the infinite amount of mp and depth is perfect for that.

On a side note, I don't think I would ever bring a MF to shoot a wedding, the focus systems are notorious for being slow....which is perfect for me and most who desire MF because we are always shooting in relatively controlled environments.
Yeah I'm maybe just looking down the road a couple years too far. I want to be prepared for what comes at me, just need to be patient I suppose. If I can find a system cheap enough I might pull the trigger but we will see. The original purpose of this thread was that I just wanted to find out what backs fit with what MF bodies and my specific interest in the Rollei.

I with the MF/wedding comment I was thinking more for the large family/couple posed stuff - not actual documentation of the event - Thats obviously 5Dmk3 territory all the way.

Another thought was that my side company stuff has gotten some interest from buyers at large retailers for some of the work that has been shot recently. This stuff is mostly landscapes and such, would think MF would be pretty useful there too. However if they do buy, I don't think we will have a problem affording this stuff.