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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
When i was married...last six months I think we had sex all of twice.
And the year before that we were at once every other week.
And I'm once every day kind of man.

So for me it was hell. i was making good money and getting no respect nor love at home!

I'm glad that I am not there any more.
Same here, my east-coast twin. It's especially bad when you're the only one who ever initiates it- feels like a favor. Not a problem any more- I actually have more than I can handle at the moment, so there's definitely a point of diminishing returns...too much of a good thing.

Originally Posted by grimlock
Seriously, sex with a woman, unless you are Emperor of China with a back palace of 1000 most beautiful ladies in the country, and you can get it on demand, with no hassles afterward.. is just not worth it. The effects are as devasting as any drug - spend all your time thinking about it, never getting it, wasting time and energy.. think how free and productive you could be if you could slay the dragon!

Sex: opiate of the p****-whipped masses.. leading zombie lives getting their energy and money sucked out of them.. Yearn to be free, gentlemen.
So says the man whose screen name is the mightiest of the "Dinobot" Transformers. Speak for yourself. I don't spend all my time thinking about it, and I'm pretty damn efficient- very little wasted time, and even less energy and money spent.

Look: life is just chemistry. We're vessels who evolved as practical means for recombining and proliferating our DNA. That means we were born to fcuk. Everything else we do is somehow related to that end, as long as we have normal instincts, and that's why we want it and are happy when we get it.

What's more, I actually LIKE all the stuff that goes along with it- seduction...discovery...intimacy. I don't think I could have sex with a girl I wasn't at least somewhat interested in and felt some kind of mental connection with, no matter how hot she is. I LIKE driving her wild and knowing she's just as into it as me- it's way WAY better. I LIKE her to stay over afterwards, too.

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