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I have neither, but I would rather have money right now, because sex comes with a woman which is a hassle, and money you can just let it sit and be happy, sex is gone one you have it
But ofcourse when you are having alot of sex, not having money doesn't bother you because your brain is high all the time.
Sex can be a consolation or opiate for having no money, but if you have money, then you can carefully plan when to have sex without the annoying strings of a relationship
But given a choice of regular relationship+sex, i would choose no relationship. Between pursuing casual sex and not, I would not put that much energy into it, is it worth the hassle even if it only takes a few hours to get yourself some, I rather do something else then turn on the computer when the biologic urge comes, done in 10mins
Treat sex like food, and you will get your life in better order
A relationship I can't speak for, I suggest you treat it seperately from sex and know the difference otherwise the cat has got you hooked