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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Let me understand the logic here. Your spending $2500 for cams and at least $1500-2000 in labor, tuning and dyno time to get everything dialed in for 20-25whp at best.
During my search for Schrick cams and E90/E92 M3 on google, I came across a few threads (2 I think) where Evolve and a Greek guy were talking about this. Evolve, if I remember correctly stated they saw more than 20-25 whp...i think upwards of 40whp, Do not quote me though but Im sure if I search a bit harder I can find those threads again.

EDIT: to above, the 40hp was a reference to the E46.

thread for S65 is here:

25WHP...1SICKM you are correct.

Honestly, I have been eyeing cams since I got the car last year. Haven't pulled the trigger cause car is still under warranty.
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