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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I'm thinking about the Canon 8-15mm to use on my 5D MkIII. Why aren't you considering that also?

Hey Dave, I'm currently using a t3i. Before I see my self spending large(r) amounts on a lens, I'd like to upgrade the body.

Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Probably 50% less in cost.
and This.

Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
i bet youŽll take the Tokina

Fuji is coming out with a 14mm but i dont think it will be wide enough since i already have the 18mm. considering the samyang 8mm but iŽm a bit reluctant because its a fisheye.. Voigtlander 12mm probably is my only option.. Just thinking out loud
haha I like the 8mm, but I wouldn't get it unless I had another lens for every thing. I see my self using it for a bit than getting bored quick. Curious to use the 10-22mm and would be happy even if I ended up with the Tokina!

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
sweet photo. love the play on colors and the composition is better than most i've seen on this forum Im surprise you're image isn't as distorted as I imagined it to be. i remember playing with a 10-22mm from canon and I hated it hahaha but I'm not too big on ultra wide angles so take my word with a grain of salt haha maybe your cup of tea
Thanks spacemonkey, I appreciate that! A lot of images came out distorted, mainly the ones at 11mm really close to the subject, and the ones at 16mm really far away from the subject. Regardless though, I took about 900 pictures that day so their was room for error

Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
Glad you liked the 11-16, Mario. I like the editing on this image, and the composition. Agree with spacemonkey, distortion control looks great on this!

Looks like you aimed the lens straight on, and also did some lens profile correction, am I guessing correctly?

My UWA images images suffer from distortion, often times I like it; however, sometimes it just ruins an otherwise good image. I find that distortion correction in LR3 is not enough in those cases, and along with aiming camera straight ahead, those are the only two remedies I know of that don't require purchasing a tilt-shift lens.

Very interested in your technique/process there, if you don't mind sharing, of course.
Thank you David! Like I told spacemonkey a lot of images came out distorted, mainly the ones at 11mm really close to the subject, and the ones at 16mm really far away from the subject. I took about 900 pictures, just moving around the cars in all angles. Like you said some of the distortion actually looked pretty cool, but others made the E30 have the body length of a Maybach which I really didn't like haha

I also use LR4, however I did not use any distortion correction on this particular image. I just straightened the image as much as I could without cropping out any part of the building. I narrowed down the pictures I took to about 55 of my favorites, I guess since I only had a couple of days with the lens it was mostly trial and error.