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Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
So I had this weekend to play around with the Tokina 11-16mm lens.... and I LOVED it! I was shooting mostly at 11mm just because I really enjoyed that wide angle. Here is a picture from it, I know the editing style is not for most, but I wanted to share anyways.. Looking forward to trying out the Canon 10-22mm next weekend and making a decision on which one to keep
Glad you liked the 11-16, Mario. I like the editing on this image, and the composition. Agree with spacemonkey, distortion control looks great on this!

Looks like you aimed the lens straight on, and also did some lens profile correction, am I guessing correctly?

My UWA images images suffer from distortion, often times I like it; however, sometimes it just ruins an otherwise good image. I find that distortion correction in LR3 is not enough in those cases, and along with aiming camera straight ahead, those are the only two remedies I know of that don't require purchasing a tilt-shift lens.

Very interested in your technique/process there, if you don't mind sharing, of course.